"Domino Solutions" industrial mobility concept is E2E remote display solution wich enables engineers and foremen to track running equipments over mobile devices and to take action right on time when needed. 

The concept consists of three components: 

Data Gathering

Alarm Management

Event Management

In today's technology, there are many ways to track manufacturing and to manage related workflows, mostly on desktops with SMS and e-mail based alert services. The value we propose; is providing a fully integrated mobile app, which avoids factory staff to miss critical alarms  and tasks while working on the move. We claim that, when it comes to industrial alarm management; comparing with SMS and e-mail services, app based push notification and task assignment solutions are much more efficient. 

We are fully integrated to following platforms


Data is collected from PLC units and is aggregated on OPC Servers or IoT Platforms which Domino Solutions Manufacturing Module is fully integrated to. 

The platform working over cloud is connected to OPC Servers through secured connection (Restricted IP and Token Authentication).

Mobile devices of factory staff working on the move, displays data pushed by Domino Platform. 

When a machine failure occurs, Domino clients display alarm through mobile devices. 

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