"Domino Solutions" is integrated to your MIS Backbone and connected to all your ERP and CRM software packages. Domino Solutions Platform provides 10+ ready to use applications which enables you to customize your own automated business.

Domino Solutions App is the single point of entry to all solutions where users access via tiles. Tiles are flexible and can be configured and personalized to your needs.

The platform operates in SaaS model, supports multilanguage and provides a seamless experience by adapting to multiple use cases in your company.

We Mobilize Your Process

We integrate a number of solutions and services for cross platform use, as well as make a variety of data available at your finger tips with mobile integration of every process data and other important aspects.

We Improve Your Performance

Our solutions provide operating performance and profitability improvement by enabling you to track and manage your business processes through mobile devices, regardless of time and place.

We Reduce Your Cost

We reduce your cost by eliminating inefficiencies in your organisation. It enables you to follow instantly all critical data provided by your MIS backbone and allows you to benefit from time efficiency.


"Domino Solutions" is fully integrated to your MIS Backbone. If you already have your own workflow working with any ERP software, you can easily be connected to Domino Solutions over admin panel via standard web services. We are also providing cloud based ready to use automated workflows for your convenience.

"Domino Solutions" Platform operates on cloud and is managed over an admin panel. Users are able to establish connections over web services between ERP & CRM software packages and mobile app.

"Domino Application" consists of many Solution Modules. Each module represents a single process function. 10+ different solutions are already available and can be activated over Admin Panel.

Solutions consist of various Service Modules. Each service is integrated to a specific ERP or CRM software. A workflow can be triggered or terminated via services integrated to solutions.

We are fully integrated to following platforms


We are providing Intuitive, optimized, easy to use user interface with mobile friendly solutions. It’s easy to adopt Domino Solutions and integrate it into your existing ERP & CRM systems. Following solutions increase your productivity by enabling you to get faster and direct access to relevant information in your organization.


Enables users to approve/reject or forward tasks of various workflow steps by connecting different ERP Softwares working on MIS Backbone.


Connected simultaneously HR and Accounting Back-ends. Advance Payment Request and Managerial Approval over mobile devices can be done over this solution pack.


Enables users to track e-Invoices  over mobile devices. All invoices can be approved or rejected by users on the move.  


Connected to MIS Backbone and enables users to define limited or permanent delegations to colleagues for various workflows' steps.


Enables field staff to submit invoices for their expenses over mobile devices. Expense archive and Managerial Aprroval Workflow over mobile devices are also included.


Enables users to organize their working day by building task blocks. Sends push notifications at task beginnings. Reports user performance. 


Enables users to manage meetings and to create meeting notes collectively over mobile devices.



Enables companies to caunt, classify, store and track easily all inventory records over a mobile platform 

Enables auditors to audit suppliers on the field via a mobile platform while responding mobile questionaries and taking photos of unsuitable points with location tags. 

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